Angu Walters African Paintings Available from USA

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The Drummer

Here is a highly stylized oil painting of an African street musician performing for tips.

The Blues Band II

This entirely blue painting of an African blues band is a wonder. The artist is himself a musician on the side and he often paints musicians.

Mvet Player II

Painting of an African Mvet player. The Mvet is a stringed musical instrument of the Fang people of Cameroon.

African Dancers

Here is a lively painting of African dancers by Angu Walters of Cameroon, Central Africa.

The Blues Band I

This painting of an African Blues Band captures something of the Soul of Africa. Angu Walters is himself a musician, on the side.

Mother and Child VII

Angu Walters often paints in awe of nursing mothers. Here, in the warmest of colors.

The Happy Family XII

The Happy Family surreal painting is done in rich golden shades, highlighted with reds, greens, and yellows.

Three on One

In this bright pink, violet, and purple original acrylic painting the artist has painted faces of three women atop one another.

The Happy Villagers IV

Here is a painting of two African villagers conversatin’ over drinks in a tranquil tropical setting.

My Friend

Surreal blue painting of two friends -or friendly aliens!

Saturday Market I

Saturday Market is a 4-foot wide oil painting rich in detail of the busy scene at a village market in Central Africa.

Mother and Child III

From Africa, here is a painting by Cameroon artist Angu Walters in awe of a nursing mother.


Africans greeting visitors, welcoming them to the village. Belongs just inside somebody’s front door.

The Town Cryer II

Here is a surreal bizarre oil painting of a group of African musicians,

The Drummer IV

African street musician with a tip jar sings and plays drums.

To the Market III

This acrylic painting is of African villagers bringing their harvest to market in Cameroon.

The Drummer V

A yellow green and red painting of an African musician playing the drum, from Cameroon.

Sanza Player

African musician playing the sanza, in hues of purple and violet.

New Born II

Original acrylic painting of African women with an infant.

Couple II

Sparkling bright violet painting of a loving couple.. a couple of ‘what exactly’ is anybody’s guess.


African villagers returning home at sunset.

Prayer IV

This original painting is of Christians at prayer in Africa.

Dialogue V

This painting appears to be somebody who got himself in trouble.

The Town Crier II

Here is a colorful abstract figurative painting of an African drum player from Cameroon.

My Best Friend

A painting of friends deeply engaged in conversation in a tranquil African village.

Dialogue IV

Dialogue is a blue and green abstract figurative painting of a couple having a serious conversation.

The Kora Player I

The kora is a traditional musical instrument used in Central and West Africa.

Family I

African acrylic painting of a family in bright colors.

Play the Drum IV

Colorful acrylic painting of an African drum player by Angu Walters.


African art painting of a couple in bright acrylic colors.

Family II

A charming tiny oil painting of an African family.

Play the Banjo II

Here is an oil painting from Africa filled with faces and in such warm colors.

The Drummer XII

Bright orange and blue acrylic painting of an African drum player.

The Couple II

Here is a softly colored orange acrylic portrait of an African couple.

Music is Love V

In this acrylic painting from Africa, a happy couple sings a love song.

The Flutist VI

The Flutist is an oil painting in abstract figurative style of a flute player making music.

The Dancer II

Surreal oil painting of an African dancer in Cameroon.


Bravo is a spectacularly bright orange oil painting of an enthusiastic audience member applauding a music performance.

Water is Life IV

African village women with water containers on their heads. The artist Angu Walters often paints women and mothers.

Born-House Twin

A proud mother of twin babies. Angu Walters explains this African birth celebration, click through to read more.

The Happy Family VI

Painted in wildly vivid acrylic colors, this original painting from Central Africa is titled Happy Family VI.


African mother and her twin newborns.

The Cyclist III

Here is an original abstract African painting of somebody on a bicycle.

Banjo Players III

A singer and banjo player make the music of love, an original painting from Africa.

To the Market V

African women and girls walk to market with food containers atop their heads in a tropical setting.

The Drummer XXVII

Here is a deliciously dark acrylic painting of an African drummer in violets.

Twin II

Oil painting from Cameroon, Africa of a happy couple holding hands.

Banjo Players

Abstract figurative oil painting of a musical couple singing and playing the banjo.

Fruit Sellers

Fruit Sellers is a small orange painting of African woman and child carrying baskets of fruit on their heads.