The Happy Villagers

It’s a huge oil painting of two close friends conversing in a tropical African village. The painting is notable for its use of improbable colors, which create a dreamlike and otherworldly atmosphere.

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Boise, Idaho, USA

119 cm / 46.9 in width

99 cm / 39 in height

11781 sq cm / 1829 sq in


Friends conversing over palm wine in an African jungle village painted in improbable colors.

Note that they're drinking palm wine from mugs carved from animal horns. That's how they roll in Cameroon.

Angu Walters has woven a tapestry of life, embracing geometric harmony and surreal imagination. The vibrant hues and rhythmic patterns reflect a community pulsating with energy and unity.

This piece is an invitation to share in their joy, adding a dynamic and inspiring ambiance to your space. The Happy Villagers is a celebration of friendship, community, and the simple pleasures of life.

The Happy Villagers 1 surreal African art close
The Happy Villagers 1 surreal African art close
Happy Villagers art print

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The Happy Villagers

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