Angu Walters African Paintings Available from Cameroon

These paintings are located in Cameroon, and remain in the possession of the artist Angu Walters. Best way to contact the artist directly is Facebook Messenger: Or use the message form at the bottom of a painting’s own page to make inquiries.

Payment is made through PayPal to the American website administrator. Satisfaction guaranteed. When you accept your painting, only then will your payment in full be conveyed to the artist, by Western Union. See the lower part of the Contact page for more details.

The Kora Player VII

Musician in Cameroon playing a traditional African musical instrument, the kora.

The Happy Family V

The central importance of family is the theme of many Angu Walters paintings.

Last Dance

Painting by Angu Walters in celebration of traditional African dance.

Faces VII

Here is an acrylic painting in vivid colors of African faces from Cameroon.

The Happy Family XIII

African artist Angu Walters often paints families but never do the families look exactly ordinary.

The Storyteller

This magnificent painting is of a musician with both a drum and a kora, a traditional West African instrument.

Mami Water

Surreal painting of a mermaid in blues and greens

Prayer V

Here is a painting of African Christians at prayer.

Faces VIII

Softly colored surreal painting of a set of African faces.

Lets Dance

A painting in celebration of traditional African dance.

The Cyclist III

Here is an original abstract African painting of somebody on a bicycle.

Bush Market III

Oil painting of an African village on market day, by Angu Walters of Cameroon.

Prayer II

Painting of African Christians at prayer in Cameroon.

My Love III

All blue surreal oil painting of a couple in love in Africa.


Dark surreal painting of African dancers from Cameroon by Angu Walters.

The Beggar

Here is a brightly colored painting of a beggar with a coin dish playing the drum on a street in Africa.

Fishes III

An all blue oil painting of many many fishes.

Music is Love III

Original painting of a singer and banjo player singing songs of love in Africa.

Play the Drum III

Here is a purple painting of an African drummer. The artist often paints musicians.

Knowledge is Power V

This four foot wide surreal blue painting of a bizarre scene is a kind of celebration of reading and of learning.

Afternoon Family

Very violet surreal painting of an African family by Angu Walters. The artist sometimes likes to take one color and run with it.

The Cyclist IV

Original painting of African athlete in Abstract Figurative style.

Saturday Market II

This acrylic painting is of African villagers bringing their harvest to market in Cameroon.

African Portrait

This is an original portrait painting from Africa. Done in acrylic.

Prayer III

This original acrylic painting depicts an African Christian woman at prayer.

The Drummer V

A yellow green and red painting of an African musician playing the drum, from Cameroon.

Sanza Player

African musician playing the sanza, in hues of purple and violet.

Self Portrait

This acrylic painting on canvas is a self portrait of the artist Angu Walters.

Play 4 Me

Painting of African musicians by Angu Walters

The Rebirth

This painting depicts a surreal African scene of rebirth.

African Juju Society IV

The African Juju Society IV is a surreal oil painting of a rooster and represents African voodoo.

U and Me

Oil on canvas abstract painting of an African couple.

Drug Abuse

A surreal representation of drug abuse, from an African perspective.

You and Me

This surreal painting features a heart painted in reds and blues to depict romance.

Faces XIV

Here is a surreal oil painting in deep blues and violet.

The Blues Singers

Here is an oil painting on canvas of a group of singers and musicians in Africa.


Surreal painting from Africa.


Dialogue I is a blue and green abstract acrylic painting of two people in conversation in Cameroon.

The Village Women

This oil painting in abstract figurative style is of a gathering of African village women in Cameroon.

Knocking on Heavens Door

Here is a surreal painting of a diverse group of people occupying themselves while waiting to be let in.

Candle Tree

This surreal original painting is from Central Africa.


Abstract figurative style painting of African drummers by Angu Walters.

Knowledge is Power VI

This surreal blue painting of a bizarre scene is a kind of celebration of reading and of learning.