To the Market VI

It's a 4-foot richly-detailed painting of women returning home from the weekly Saturday Market with an abundance of shopping items and a plethora of children.

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Bamenda, Cameroon

130 cm / 51.2 in width

100 cm / 39.4 in height

13000 sq cm / 2017 sq in


It's a throng of mostly children returning home from Market Day with a ton of good stuff.

In this vibrant acrylic painting, Angu Walters has woven together figurative beauty and geometric harmony to portray the bustling vibrancy of a communal gathering - the weekly Saturday Market.

Each stroke encapsulates the rhythm of daily life, as vivid hues dance across the scene. This painting illustrates the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. It's a celebration of culture and togetherness, a piece that will infuse any space with the warmth and spirited energy of a market throng.

To the Market 6 close
To the Market 6 close
To the Market African women and children framed

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To the Market VI

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Tags: African Landscape, African Village Life, Women