The Happy Family XXXI

The 5-foot wide painting is an extended family gathered in a joyous celebration, united by their love for each other. The whimsical painting is full of bright acrylic colors and it captures the joy of family life.

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Bamenda, Cameroon

150 cm / 59.1 in width

100 cm / 39.4 in height

15000 sq cm / 2329 sq in


Angu Walters has painted The Happy Family many times in many different styles and colors.

The Happy Family XXXI is a beautiful and uplifting painting that is sure to bring joy to any home. It is a perfect choice for a family room or living room.

The Happy Family 31 African painting close
The Happy Family 31 African painting close
Happy Family 31 framed

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The Happy Family XXXI

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