African Juju Society II

Here is a large oil painting in celebration of African juju which is a kind of voodoo.

Wikipedia explains Juju so you’ll be prepared to talk about it with your guests:

“Juju is a spiritual belief system incorporating objects, such as amulets, and spells used in religious practice, as part of witchcraft in West Africa especially the people of Nigeria and Cameroon. The term has been applied to traditional African religions. In a general sense the term ‘juju’ can be used to refer to magical properties dealing with good luck.”

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130 / 51.2 in width
100 / 39.4 in height
13000 / 2017

Here is a painting of a village celebrating African juju which is a kind of voodoo.
African Juju Society 2 painting close
African Juju Society 2 painting close
African Juju Society 2 painting framed

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African Juju Society II

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