Sanza Player

Here is an original oil painting of an African musician playing the sanza, in hues of purple and violet.

"The sanza has traditionally accompanied African praise songs honoring ancestors and revered chiefs for centuries. As a major instrument of the Motherland, the sanza is as central to African music as the guitar is to American rock ’n’ roll." - Bet You Never Played a Sanza. A What? A Sanza - Ebony Magazine

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Boise, Idaho, USA
80 / 31.5 in width
100 / 39.4 in height
8000 / 1241

Note: This painting has been digitally scanned and so we will also provide to the buyer a very high resolution scan, an enormous digital file, free. Your local print shop can then produce Giclée prints. Do with them as you will.

Sanza Player is available as a top quality giclée print and to be printed onto many sorts of items including shirts and mugs. Scroll down.
African musician playing the sanza, in hues of purple and violet.
Sanza Player African musical instrument close
Sanza Player African musical instrument close
Angu Walters Sanza Player music artist

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Sanza Player

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