The Town Cryer II

Here is a surreal bizarre African tribal art oil painting of a group of African musicians.

Reviewed by @Blue2black:

"Cultural, visual storytelling and imagination with a cubist surreal totally creative and imaginative style that incorporates interesting characters and aspects of Cameroon to light. Beautiful use of colours and African patterns. Visually pleasing and creative. Well done."

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Boise, Idaho, USA
79 / 31.1 in width
99 / 39 in height
7821 sq cm / 1213 sq in

Here is a surreal bizarre oil painting of a group of African musicians,

The scene is full of energy and life, with the musicians' faces and bodies contorted in expressions of joy and excitement. The artist's use of bold colors and abstract shapes creates a sense of movement and rhythm. Ghostly faces represent ancestors watching over.

The Town Crier II is a celebration of African culture and music. It is a captivating painting that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it.

The Town Cryer surreal musicians close
The Town Cryer surreal musicians close

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The Town Cryer II

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