My Best Friend VIII

"Like many of Angu Walters' works, the painting is a visual kaleidoscope; it's a mosaic of hundreds of brightly colored, clearly-divided sections that create a disorienting impression for the viewer. This element of the painting leans abstract, but the sections are organized in such a way that the portraiture - the two friends sitting and drinking together - appears quite clearly as the focus of the image. The figures are clearly human, sitting on stools, hands gesturing or resting on knees, wearing sandals & holding horns of wine. Yet the scene feels surreal." ~ from an anonymous contributor on Mastodon Social Media

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Boise, Idaho, USA

64 cm / 25.2 in width

80 cm / 31.5 in height

5120 sq cm / 794 sq in


Painting of two friends in an African village chatting and drinking palm wine from mugs made of carved horns.

Here, we see two lifelong friends chatting while drinking palm wine from mugs carved from animal horns amid bright tropical colors.

In this vibrant acrylic creation, I explored the depths of connection and heritage. My brush danced with cubist influences and figurative grace, weaving a tapestry of intense colors and intricate patterns that embody the spirit of camaraderie and the rich tapestry of African culture. This painting is an invitation to celebrate diversity and friendship, offering a focal point of warmth and dynamic energy to any space it graces.

My Best Friend 8 African village close
My Best Friend 8 African village close
My Best Friend 8 framed

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My Best Friend VIII

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