My Best Friend 8 giclée art print

Original price was: $185.00.Current price is: $160.00.

Dimensions: 64 cm x 80 cm / 25 in x 31.5 in = 794 sq in

Here is a top quality print on canvas from a Cameroon painting of two friends chatting over tea in an African village.

“Like many of Angu Walters’ works, the painting is a visual kaleidoscope; it’s a mosaic of hundreds of brightly colored, clearly-divided sections that create a disorienting impression for the viewer. This element of the painting leans abstract, but the sections are organized in such a way that the portraiture – the two friends sitting and drinking together – appears quite clearly as the focus of the image. The figures are clearly human, sitting on stools, hands gesturing or resting on knees, wearing sandals & holding horns of wine. Yet the scene feels surreal.” ~ from an anonymous contributor on Mastodon Social Media

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