Couple II

Here is a sparkling bright violet acrylic painting of a loving couple ..a couple of 'what exactly' is anybody's guess but they are delightful, in an art deco style.

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Boise, Idaho, USA

30 cm / 11.8 in width

34 cm / 13.4 in height

1020 sq cm / 158 sq in


Sparkling bright violet painting of a loving couple.. a couple of 'what exactly' is anybody's guess.

In this acrylic creation, Angu Walters bridges the familiar and the imaginary. The futuristic elements breathe life into a bizarre couple that emerges from geometric complexities and vibrant textures. The piece speaks to the interconnectivity of souls, transcending conventional beauty through abstract expression. It is a testament to love's multifaceted nature, designed to add a bold, thought-provoking ambiance to any space.

Couple 2 African lovers painting close
Couple 2 African lovers painting close
Couple art deco framed

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Couple II

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