The Drummer and the Flutist III

In this vivid acrylic creation, Angu Walters has channeled the dynamic rhythms of African music through the abstract expression of a drummer and flutist. His passion for music and culture is what breathes life into this painting.

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Boise, Idaho, USA

60 x 80 centimeters

24 x 31 inches

4800 sq cm / 744 sq in


Painting of musicians. Angu Walters never tires of painting African musicians!

Each brush stroke is a symphony; geometric patterns dance around the musicians, symbolizing the fusion of tradition and melody. Their harmonious interplay evokes joy and unity, offering a lively and soulful ambiance to any space.

The Drummer and Flutist 3 painting close
Drummer and the Flutist 3 music painting close
Displayed at Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy

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The Drummer and the Flutist III

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