Fruit Sellers

This small original painting is a beautiful depiction of the vibrant and bustling markets of Cameroon. The painting is full of vibrant colors and textures, and it captures the energy and excitement of a busy market day.

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Boise, Idaho, USA

24 x 35 centimeters

9 x 14 inches

840 sq cm / 126 sq in


Fruit Sellers is a small orange painting of African woman and child carrying baskets of fruit on their heads.

This small original oil painting, titled "Fruit Sellers," is a beautiful and vibrant depiction of the daily life of fruit sellers in Cameroon. The painting captures the vibrant colors and textures of the fruits, as well as the lively atmosphere of the market. The artist has used a variety of brushstrokes to create a sense of movement and energy, and the overall effect is one of life and vitality.

Fruit Sellers African women close
Fruit Sellers African women close

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Fruit Sellers

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