The Flutist V

Here is a painting so sparkling it sings. This dazzling bright acrylic painting is a flutist and singer. Angu Walters also belongs to a band and often paints musicians.

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Napa, California

33 x 61 centimeters

13 x 24 inches

2013 sq cm / 312 sq in


This dazzling bright original acrylic painting from Central Africa depicts a flutist and singer.

The Flutist V is full of life and energy. The colors are vibrant, and the figures are expressive. The painting is a celebration of African culture and music. The overall effect is one of joy and celebration.

The Flutist 5 musician close
The Flutist 5 musician close
The Flutist 5 framed

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The Flutist V

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