Here are African Paintings Gone but Not Forgotten

These paintings were sold, some of them a long time ago. Photo quality is not always the best. If you see a style, color palette, or theme that interests you, please Contact us and maybe we’ve got something similar available. Custom paintings available. Inquiries welcome.

The Cyclist IV

Original painting of African athlete in Abstract Figurative style.

My Best Friend VI

Angu Walters has given this title to a number of paintings. Each is similar in theme but very different colors are used each time.

The Couple

Painting of a happily married couple by Angu Walters, whose paintings often celebrate matrimony.

The Blues

A very blue abstract painting of Musicians playing the The Blues in Africa.

Faces IX

An abstract figurative oil painting from Cameroon.

Back from the Harvest

This painting is a scene of African villagers returning home with their harvest at nightfall.

Faces XII

Angu Walters made this painting to order for a buyer in Montréal.

Oh Africa

This surreal painting by Angu Walters has a lot going on.

Knowledge is Power IV

This surreal original acrylic painting about the importance of education is from Central Africa.

The Flutist IV

This original oil painting is of a musician playing the flute in Africa.

Water is Life V

Here is a painting of three West African women returning to their village carrying containers of water on their heads.

My Best Friend III

Painting from Africa of two friends in conversation in an African village.

The Dancer I

African dancer painted in oil, with bright reds and yellows.

The Village Market

A scene of a village in Central Africa, as painted by Cameroon artist Angu Walters.

Bush Market II

Oil painting of a festive African village on market day, Saturday, with many people busy or having a good time.

To the Market IV

Central African market scene – painted here in an abstract style.

Play the Blues

Central African painting done in oils on canvas of musicians in Cameroon.

My Best Friend V

Best friends chat over palm wine served in carved animal horns in tropical Africa.

Faces XVI

Faces is an original oil painting on canvas from Cameroon.

Prayer VI

An acrylic painting of Africans at prayer by Angu Walters of Cameroon.

To The Market II

Painting of African village women walking to market in a tropical setting.

The Sunset

The Sunset is a surreal post-Apocalyptic acrylic on canvas painting.

Sun Shine

An abstract oil painting by Angu Walters of Cameroon.

The Broken Bridge II

This surrealist painting is of an apocalyptic scene that includes a destroyed bridge.


Abstract figurative style painting of African drummers by Angu Walters.

The Kora Player VIII

Surreal blue painting by Angu Walters. The kora is a traditional musical instrument used in Central and West Africa.

Faces IV

Faces is an abstract figurative painting of people in Africa.

You and Me

This surreal painting features a heart painted in reds and blues to depict romance.

The Town Crier

The Town Crier is an oil painting of a musician in Africa.

The Talking Drum

The Talking Drum is an original oil painting of an African drummer.

Friends Forever

Friends Forever is an abstract painting of African friends in conversation.

The Village Women

This oil painting in abstract figurative style is of a gathering of African village women in Cameroon.

U and Me

Oil on canvas abstract painting of an African couple.

Knowledge is Power III

The painting is talking about life, in life you have to learn to become somebody in life, every minute every day I must learn something

Flutist and Singer

A singer and flute player are depicted in this original oil painting from Central Africa.