Opening the Festival II

Opening the Festival is an oil painting on canvas depicting a group of African musicians.

* SOLD *
Las Vegas
48 / 18.9 in width
70 / 27.6 in height
3360 / 522

• NOTE: Opening the Festival II original painting has been sold. This painting is available to be reproduced – an approximation of the original; satisfaction guaranteed. Scroll Down and use the Contact Form to inquire.
Opening the Festival 2 painting

Reproduction of Opening the Festival II painting available. Contact us or submit a Comment below.

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Delivery is by DHL   Satisfaction Guaranteed   Return by mail to USA address available.

Expect delivery in 2-4 weeks. Due to Civil War there may be some delay.

Your payment in full will be wired to the artist Angu Walters only upon delivery + your satisfaction.

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Opening the Festival II

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