Play the Banjo II

Here is a beautiful and unique oil painting done in such warm colors it is sure to bring joy to any home.

It’s a vibrant and colorful painting that captures the joy of music and the power of community.

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Boise, Idaho, USA
70 / 27.6 in width
80 / 31.5 in height
5600 sq cm / 869 sq in

Here is an oil painting from Africa filled with faces and in such warm colors.

The painting is executed in Walters' signature style, which is characterized by bold colors, geometric patterns, and a sense of movement. The figures in the painting are rendered in a simplified, almost cartoonish style, which gives the painting a playful and lighthearted feel. The colors are vibrant and saturated, and they create a sense of energy and excitement. The geometric patterns in the painting are also striking, and they add a sense of rhythm and movement to the composition.

The artist uses bold colors and patterns to create a sense of energy and movement. The background of the painting is a swirling mass of colors and patterns, which creates a sense of excitement and anticipation, and it would add a touch of color and life to any space.

Play the Banjo music painting close
Play the Banjo music painting close
Play the Banjo 2 framed

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Play the Banjo II

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