The Drummer 4 giclée art print

Original price was: $195.00.Current price is: $170.00.

Dimensions: 69 cm x 88.7 cm / 27 in x 35 in = 963 sq in

It’s a beggar with a tips jar singing and playing drum in a tropical African setting. This top-quality art print is made from a digital scan of a painting that captures the energy of a street performance in Africa.

This art print of a street musician will add a touch of African flair to your home. The artist has used bold colors and expressive brushstrokes to create a lively and engaging scene that is sure to capture the attention of any viewer.

The vivid strokes celebrate the cultural heartbeat, weaving a tapestry that pulsates with the colorful echoes of heritage and spirit. This piece is an homage to euphoric melodies, a visual symphony meant to energize and inspire any space with its pulsating vitality.

Printed on 305 GSM 100% Cotton Rag. Sales benefit only the artist and his family in civil war Cameroon. Your signed Artist Certificate of Authenticity will arrive separately by mail directly from the artist in Africa.

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