The Blues Band 1 giclée art print

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Dimensions: 58 cm x 78 cm / 23 in x 31 in = 700 sq in

This top-quality art print made from a high-resolution digital scan of a painting of a blues band seems very especially African somehow. The colors are soft and understated, but they are also very effective in creating a sense of atmosphere. The overall effect is one of intimacy and warmth.

The artist himself is a musician, and his love of the blues is evident in this work. The muted colors and simple composition create a sense of intimacy, as if we are right there in the room with the band, listening to their music and feeling the power of their performance.

The Blues Band is a powerful and evocative painting that captures the soul of African blues music.

Printed on 305 GSM 100% Cotton Rag. Sales benefit only the artist in civil war Cameroon.

• View the original painting + printed shirts, pillows, etc