The Happy Family 6 giclée art print

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $125.00.

Dimensions: 46 cm x 56 cm / 18 in x 22 in = 400 sq in

The Happy Family VI art print is made from a digital scan of a painting done in wildly vivid acrylic colors. It is a colorful depiction of a happy family. Angu Walters has captured the joy and love of this family perfectly.

The colorful, interlocking patterns symbolize the societal fabric, while the faces express unity amidst diversity. Each brushstroke is infused with the warmth of togetherness, aiming to radiate love and harmony in your space, creating an ambiance of familial joy that dances off the canvas and into the heart of your home.

Sales benefit only the artist and his family in civil war Cameroon. Your signed Artist Certificate of Authenticity will arrive separately by mail directly from the artist in Africa.

View the original painting + printed shirts, pillows, etc=