The Kora Player 1 giclée art print


Dimensions: 74 cm x 88 cm / 29 in x 34 in = 1007 sq in

The kora is a traditional musical instrument used in Central and West Africa, and it is often used to accompany storytelling and other forms of oral tradition. This top-quality art print is made from a digital scan of a beautiful acrylic painting of a kora musician in Cameroon.

In crafting this artwork, Angu Walters has intertwined vibrant geometric patterns with figurative elements. The harmonious fusion of shapes and colors encapsulates the rhythm and spirit of music, inviting an energetic, cultural ambiance into one’s space. This painting would make a wonderful addition to any home or office. It is a unique and eye-catching piece of art that is sure to bring joy to anyone who sees it.

Printed on 305 GSM 100% Cotton Rag. Sales benefit only the artist in civil war Cameroon. The Certificate of Authenticity will arrive separately by mail directly from the artist in Africa.

• View the original painting + printed shirts, pillows, etc