Knowledge is Power V

This four foot wide surreal blue painting of a bizarre scene is a kind of celebration of reading and of learning. An oil painting on canvas.

Angu Walters says, “The painting is talking about life, in life you have to learn to become somebody in life, every minute every day I must learn something, so in the painting in the sky you see faces of our late grand grand parent staring down on us and guarding us, …you see a face looking down; you can see the kora [African musical instrument].”

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120 / 47.2 in width
100 / 39.4 in height
12000 / 1860

Drummer and the Flutist 2 music painting
Knowledge is Power 5 surreal painting about education close
Knowledge is Power 5 surreal painting about education close

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Knowledge is Power V

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Tags: Education, Surreal Art