Faces VI

This stunning painting features a collage of different faces, each one unique and expressive. The faces are all painted in bright colors, with bold outlines and exaggerated features. The overall effect is both playful and whimsical, yet also deeply moving.

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49 x 69 centimeters

19 x 27 inches

3381 sq cm / 513 sq in


This fascinating acrylic painting from Africa is comprised entirely of a set of faces in bright colors.

The faces all share a common sense of joy and vitality. The artist has captured the essence of the human spirit and it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Faces VI would make a wonderful addition to any home or office. It is a painting that will bring you joy every time you see it. If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching piece of art, then this is the perfect choice for you.

• NOTE: Faces VI original painting has been sold. This painting is available as an art print or to be reproduced – an approximation of the original; satisfaction guaranteed. Scroll to the bottom and use the Contact Form to inquire.

Faces VI now lives in Texas, and the new owner sent us a screencap, which we appreciate muchly. We are always happy to display photos of paintings – and also prints – in their new homes!

And, Faces VI was chosen to adorn a book cover Giambatista Viko; or, The Rape of African Discourse by author Georges Ngal.

Faces VI in Texas
Faces 6 book cover Giambatista Viko; or, The Rape of African Discourse by author Georges Ngal
Faces 6 african painting
Faces 6 african painting
Faces 6 framed

Reproduction of Faces VI painting available. Contact us or submit a Comment below.

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Faces VI

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Tags: Figurative Abstract, Tribal Art