The Xylophone Player 2 giclée art print

Original price was: $165.00.Current price is: $140.00.

Dimensions: 51 cm x 70 cm / 20 in x 27.5 in = 550 sq in

This vibrant and colorful painting by Cameroonian artist Angu Walters is full of life and energy, The painting is a celebration of African culture and music, and it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Angu Walters is a talented Cameroonian artist who is known for his colorful and vibrant paintings. This is a beautiful and unique work of art that would make a wonderful addition to any home. It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves African art or music.

The Xylophone Player II is beautifully rendered in vibrant colors. It is full of movement and energy, and it captures the joy of music.

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