The Town Crier II giclée art print

Original price was: $210.00.Current price is: $180.00.

Dimensions: 74 cm x 89 cm / 29 in x 35 in = 1015 sq in

Here is a top-quality art print made from a digital scan of a brightly-colored painting of an African drum player in Cameroon. The painting is a celebration of African culture and music.

I’ve intertwined geometric patterns and art brut styles to craft a visual symphony that resonates with energy and emotion. Each brushstroke tells a story of tradition, community, and the rhythm of life, embodying a potent connection to heritage that will fill any space with a dynamic, spirited aura.

Sales benefit only the artist and his family in civil war Cameroon. Your signed Artist Certificate of Authenticity will arrive separately by mail directly from the artist in Africa.

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