"Browse among original paintings by Angu Walters in Cameroon, Central Africa"

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Here are some photos of the artist, his extended family, and his gallery.

Angu Walters was born in 1980, native of Nsongwa in the Mezam Division of the North West Province of Cameroon.

Apart from being a fine artist he also sings with the “Melting Age Band, MAB” in the company of the late Spee. He likes traditional African music.

His interest in painting started when he was a boy experimenting with ink from different pen colors, mixed and applied them on torn cardboards, which were sometimes hung on the walls of his mother’s sitting room. His mother invited Spee, a very famous artist to show him what the child was doing with the materials he could find in his milieu, thereafter the artist took him to his workshop, under his guidance so to better improve on his skills.



Tropical African lagoon

Tropical African lagoon

Approaching Mt. Cameroon

Approaching Mt. Cameroon

Ocean resort view

Ocean resort view

– by Chuck Cavanaugh, Las Vegas, NV

It’s rather an interesting story how all these marvelous paintings happened to come all the way to Las Vegas from Cameroon. The long version of events is detailed in my Africa Travel Journal. The short version of events follows.

A river in Cameroon

A river in Cameroon

I was visiting my long-time friend Rob, who in 2007 was working at the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon. I stayed for a month. We went on a road trip around Cameroon, which included a stop in the city of Bamenda, located in one of Cameroon’s two English-speaking provinces. Leaving the hotel in the morning, we noticed some remarkable paintings adorning the lobby area. These were unframed, just on simple wooden stretchers, but they sure caught our attention.


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Angu Walters

Angu Walters

If you like, you are welcome to phone Angu Walters directly at: +237 7766 0671

Cameroon is in the West Central Africa time zone: GMT+1 (six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time). So, please phone early in the day if you’re in the Americas.

If you would like to phone the web site administrator, the number in the USA is (702) 879-8371.

If you would like to inquire about a particular painting by Angu Walters, then the best thing is to go to the detail page for a particular painting and then use the message form at the bottom of that page – this way, there will be no confusion about what painting it is that interests you.

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Mother and Child

Mother and Child is an oil painting. Angu Walters often paints mothers and children, or entire families.

The Drummer

The Drummer is an African painting by artist Angu Walters.

Worship to the Tree Goddess

Worship to the Tree Goddess is an original oil painting by Central African artist Damien...

Sun Set

Sun Set is an original acrylic painting on canvas by Central African artist Damien Blue...

Sailing with the Tide

Sailing with the Tide is an original oil painting by Central African artist Damien Blue...


Dreams is an original oil painting by Central African artist Damien Blue of Bamenda,...

Sun Set Dance

Sun Set Dance is an original acrylic painting on canvas by Central African artist Damien...

Land of the Virgins

Land of the Virgins is an original oil painting by Central African artist Damien Blue of...

Calabash Rituals

Calabash Rituals is an original oil painting by Central African artist Damien Blue of...

The Happy Family

This painting has been custom framed and so is likely available only to a buyer in Las Vegas.

The Kora Player

Acrylic painting of a Kora player. The kora is a stringed instrument common throughout Western Africa.


Bravo is an original oil painting from Africa, in vivid orange colors.


Oil painting of a mother and her twin infants.

The Midnight Storyteller

The Midnight Storyteller is an oil painting of a musician in Central Africa.

The Blues Band

This acrylic painting on canvas depicts an African Blues Band.

The Town Cryer II

An oil painting of a group of musicians – among Angu Walters favorite subjects.

Three on One

Three On One is an acrylic painting of three women together.

Mother, Father and Child

An abstract oil painting of an African family.

The Last Cyclist

This is an abstract painting of a weary cyclist.

The Fulani, The Cow, The Milk

The Fulani, The Cow, and The Milk is an acrylic painting that has especially vivid colors. It is available for sale in Australia from the Sanaa Afrika art gallery.

The Happy Villagers

Oil painting of two close friends chatting in an African village.

The Family Album

This blue and yellow painting depicts a family in Africa.

Water is Life

Water is Life is a very large, very blue painting of African women carrying water.

The Drummer II

The Drummer is a painting on oil and canvas.

The Evening Prayer

An abstract oil painting on canvas of Christians at prayer in Africa.


An oil painting on canvas of Africans greeting visitors, welcoming them to the village.


A surreal original oil painting from Africa called Time.