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Angu Walters was born in 1980, native of Nsongwa in the Mezam Division of the North West Province of Cameroon. He speaks English but his native language is called “Ngemba”

Apart from being a fine artist he also sings with the “Melting Age Band, MAB”. He likes traditional African music.

His interest in painting started when he was a boy experimenting with ink from different pen colors, mixed and applied them on torn cardboards. His mother invited Spee, a very famous artist to show him what the child was doing with the materials he could find. Thereafter the artist took him to his workshop, under his guidance to improve on his skills.



I was visiting my long-time friend Rob, who in 2007 was working at the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon. I stayed for a month. We went on a road trip around Cameroon, which included a stop in the city of Bamenda. Leaving the hotel in the morning, we noticed and admired some remarkable paintings adorning the lobby area.

After a while, it occurred to us to lift one of them off of the wall to see if there was any information on the back. Sure enough, there was the artists name and even his phone number. So, we phoned Angu Walters.



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