Proposal by artist Angu Walters of Bamenda, Cameroon

The artist Angu Walters – together with art students whom he mentors and other artists in his circle – will produce 200 paintings and deliver them to you in Yaoundé no later than September 20, 2021. Choose the exact time and place, but he will be ready by Sept 20, latest.

Angu Walters can wait and deliver all at once all 200 paintings in person to your representative in Yaoundé on the date you choose. Total due upon delivery of all 200 hand-painted paintings = $20,000.

*However, we assume you will prefer to receive some paintings earlier rather than to take it on faith that the paintings are in fact being produced so Angu Walters offers to deliver by DHL as many paintings as are complete to the address you choose (Yaoundé, London, Cairo?) any time you want, repeatedly. Ideally, the cost would be charged to somebody’s DHL account and then you can request all then-complete paintings be sent to you as many times as you want over the coming weeks.

As you receive paintings, and assuming they are found to be acceptable, then $100 would be due for every delivered painting. When you want to get hold of another batch of paintings and/or when Angu needs to be paid some more money, then he can send additional batches of completed paintings. We are flexible about this but as Angu will be employing other artists and his own cash reserves are so small, he will need to receive partial payments as the work progresses.

All the artists are poor and they will be filled with joy to be a part of this project. Angu was mentored by the noted Cameroonian-American artist Spee and Angu has carried that forward by mentoring art students of his own. The artists that he enlists will include both his own students and fellow students of the late Spee. Both Spee and Angu Walters have art on display at the Musée national du Cameroun of African Art .

*The artist would like to be present at your event in Yaoundé and to be introduced to your group. He would carry some full-size originals in the hope of selling some of those at the regular price. We hope you will welcome this proposal. It is not a requirement, we just hope you will grant him this opportunity to make some sales. As you might expect, sales the past year and a half have been slow.

The 200 paintings will be similar in size, quality, and complexity to the painting, Father and Son.

This painting is 25cm x 35cm / 10in x 14in. In order that all the paintings should be seen as equal we will aim for every one of the 200 paintings to be close to 875 sq cm / 135 sq in.

Angu Walters will oversee the artists’ work and will enforce quality control.

  • In some cases, he may employ others to do the pencil work and then he’ll do all the painting.
  • In some cases, others may do the pencil outline and paint the background leaving Angu to paint the central area (expressive faces).
  • And there may be cases where others will do a complete painting and Angu will come in after and maybe add flourishes to make it better.

When each of the 200 paintings meets his standards then Angu Walters will sign the work as his own.

The paintings will be delivered to you ready to be rolled inside of tubes. Every painting will fit comfortably inside a tube 14 inches long and 4 inches wide.

*Option. You can label each tube to identify which painting is inside but we quite like the idea of them being handed out randomly and then to encourage everybody to swap. For example, a painting of Father and Son would be perfect for some recipients and not for others. It seems like a good way to encourage attendees to mix and socialize.

We ask $100 for each painting at 875 sq cm / 135 sq in size and a variety of different paintings each of similar quality/complexity. Minimum of 8 different paintings, it might be more. This page, below, shows all the paintings that are -tentatively- candidates for inclusion. Paintings will come and go from this page early on, and then settle down to the final selections, about 8 or 12 different paintings. Scroll to the bottom.

If you notice any other painting on this website that you want, please ask. There are about 300 unique paintings here from which to choose. And, of course, if there are any paintings below that you do not want painted just please say so. Those paintings which are larger than the target size will be shrunk in the final product so as to keep them all close to equal. 

Regarding the price, please be aware that the average cost we pay to the printer to produce each art print of average size is over $50 and retail print prices are set such that we get about $50 profit. You’d get a better price from both the printer and the artist but, still, your price for a small hand-painted painting is similar to that of a medium size print.

Worst Case Scenario

We foresee no problems at all. Angu assures us that he has more than a sufficient number of qualified artists available to complete the project to your satisfaction.

Civil war and plague. Angu’s home city, Bamenda, is at the center of a low-level civil war, and Covid looms over us all. Life is uncertain. Be comforted by the knowledge that I have about 60 very high resolution digital scans which I can make available to you at a moment’s notice, and you can print whatever you want at whatever sizes you want in London. I mention this only so that you will rest easy. The scans all would be available to you in the event of catastrophe.


For your comfort, we don’t expect you to pay for everything in advance. We can be as flexible as you need us to be.

We propose that a down payment be wired to the artist in the amount of $2000. As soon as at least 20 paintings are ready, then the artist could send them anywhere (Yaoundé, Cairo, or London) by DHL. Assuming everybody is happy, then you can do another wire transfer. We can repeat this as often as you like. You never need to be out-of-pocket more than $2000 at any time.

Ideally, the shipments could be charged to somebody’s DHL account.

Western Union

First Name: Walters

Middle Name : Angu

Last Name : Che

+(237) 677 660 671

[email protected]

and he will need from you the MTCN transaction number and the exact value (pounds, dollars, euros) for each payment.

Alternate Payment

I have been helping Angu Walters sell his paintings online since 2008, after having met him in Cameroon in 2007, and I can attest to his integrity.

I suggest that at least the initial payment of $2000 be made by bank wire transfer into my bank account. Note that I keep no money, I’m just trying to help my friend to be discovered. I try to help him to emerge from near-perfect obscurity in the jungles of Africa. I’ll turn the money around and wire to him the full amount immediately.

I have 60 of his original paintings in my possession here in the USA, and about 60 digital scans of paintings for which I paid $4000, all of which can serve as a kind of security deposit. I offer myself as guarantor that Angu will hold up his end.  I hold more assets that belong to Angu than the total value of this proposal so you are as safe as can be + the bank wire establishes my identity perfectly.

Bank Name : Idaho Central Credit Union

Bank Account Number : 721553071

Bank Account Type : Checking

Bank Routing Number : 324173626

Bank Branch Name : Vista

Bank Swift Code : ICCUUS55

Bank Account Owner : Charles R Cavanaugh [email protected]

Here are photos of Angu Walters with three paintings of about the size we are talking about.

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