Born-House Twin – Digital Download


We’d like to have this painting digitally scanned and make it available to sell as a giclée print. You pay for the scan and we’ll share the digital file with you at our cost – with no markup! They charge us by the square foot, so prices vary. Offer available only to the first buyer. Print your own copy of the painting locally, even give printed copies away to friends and family. Just don’t be rude and use it for any unauthorized commercial purpose. Give us about 3 business days, and your very high resolution digital file will be made available to you for download. Then go talk to your local print shop.

Measurements: 100 cm width x 80 cm height (40 inches x 32 inches)

This an oil painting of a proud mother of twin babies. Angu explains:

“It is all about a family when they delivers a new born baby maybe a set of twin, the family will prepare a special dish and that type of meal is call plantains and better-leaf soup with a lot of red oil in it, when people are visiting they will serve them with some palm-wine too, after that they will also start singing so many Born-house songs like thanking and asking the Almighty one for more……”

• View the original painting + printed shirts, pillows, etc