Angu Walters New Scans 2021

These paintings are in transit to USA from Africa, March, 2021

Lets Dance

A painting in joyful celebration of traditional African dance.

To the Market III

This acrylic painting is of African villagers bringing their harvest to market in Cameroon.

The Drummer V

A yellow green and red painting of an African musician playing the drum, from Cameroon.

Sanza Player

African musician playing the sanza, in hues of purple and violet.

New Born II

Original acrylic painting of African women with an infant.

Prayer IV

This original painting is of Christians at prayer in Africa.

Dialogue IV

Dialogue is a blue and green abstract figurative painting of a couple having a serious conversation.

Dialogue V

This painting appears to be somebody who got himself in trouble.

Play the Banjo II

Here is an oil painting from Africa filled with faces and in deep rich colors.

Banjo Players II

An African music duo sing love songs and play banjo in this brightly colored painting.

The Drummer XII

Bright orange and blue acrylic painting of an African drum player.

The Couple II

Here is a softly colored orange acrylic portrait of an African couple.

Music is Love V

In this acrylic painting from Africa, a happy couple sings a love song.


African art painting of a couple in bright acrylic colors.


African acrylic painting of a family in bright colors.

Family II

A charming tiny oil painting of an African family.

Couple II

Sparkling bright violet painting of a loving couple.. a couple of ‘what exactly’ is anybody’s guess.

Play the Drum IV

Colorful acrylic painting of an African drum player by Angu Walters.


African villagers returning home at sunset.